Elections 2020: Cycling Through All 27 Emotions

Name an intense feeling and I’ve had it this week.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

A recent study describes 27 distinct categories of emotion, listed below. Since the polls began closing on November 3rd, 2020, I’ve been cycling through most of them.

I’m surprised hate is not on this list of emotions. See Living on Hate Cove.

Good luck dealing with your own emotions. We’ll get through this somehow, if we have to, I guess.

Keltner, Dacher; Cowen, Alan S. (2017–09–19). “Self-report captures 27 distinct categories of emotion bridged by continuous gradients”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114 (38): E7900–E7909. doi:10.1073/pnas. 1702247114. ISSN 0027–8424. PMID 28874542.



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